Dancing with the Stars 2016 begins, Geraldo ends….an overview.

He’s 72 and one foot does not work. Now he’s out of there. Click in for pics and updates on this new season of Dancing With the Stars.



So the dancing has begun and the first week with an elimination had us losing Geraldo Rivera. First, the guy did a Donald Trump mockery, complete with The Hair.

It was cute but folks, Geraldo simply cannot dance. On Latin night he danced the Salsa with his partner Edyta. He was booted off via a low score compiled by viewer call in votes and judge’s scores. To be fair, Geraldo is 72 years old and has no feeling in one of his feet due to a back operation.

Next we have Marla Maples with partner Tony. They danced the Argentine Tango and scored 20 points, the medium dancestars163.26.16marlamaplespfpoint of Latin night as I quickly assess. Marla could make it to the top five and once again Donald Trump, via an ex-wife on Dancing with the Stars, gets more free publicity.

dancestars163.26.16jodiesweetinpfJodie and her partner Keo danced a Tango and scored 21 points. Jodie is the former star of Full House and now it’s spin-off Fuller House.


Paige and a substitute partner danced the Salsa and scored one of the high scores of the night, dancestars163.26.16paigeVanZantpf24. Paige is, of all things, a female fighter, go figure.


dancestart163.26.16amtpmopbrpwmpfAntonio and partner Sharna danced a Rumba, quite sexy. The team scored a total of 19 points from the judges. Antonio is a football player, always have one of them on Dancing with the Stars, and they are often very light of foot.


Kim Fields is well remembered for her part in The Facts of Life. She and her partner, Sasha, dancestars163.26.16kim fieldspfdanced a Salsa and scored 19 points.



dancestars163.26.16nyle DiMarcopfNyle DiMarco is a most interesting contender in that he is a male model, is very handsome, and is totally deaf! I can’t imagine dancing when you cannot hear the music. He and his partner Peta danced a sexy Rumba and pulled in 20 points.

Mischa Barton is a lesser known movie star (I never heard of her) and she doesn’t dance all that dancestart163.26.16mischabartonpfwell. She and her partner Artem, danced a cha-cha and scored a grand total of 15 points.



dancestars163.26.16vonmillerpfVon Miller is a football player and along with partner Whitney they pulled a score of 20.



Wanya Morris is a singer with the famous group Boyz to Men. HE’s got a real potential to windancestars163.26.16wanyamorrispf this thing, pulling, with partner Lindsay, a top score of 24 on a sexy Sa;sa/


dancestars3.26.16dougflutiepfDoug Flutie is a football player but he needs to ramp up his game. He and partner Karina score a 20 on the Paso Doble. Doug was one of the bottom three this week.


dancestars163.26.16gingerzeepfGinger Zee is a weather person on Good Morning America. She’s got talent. She and partner Val pulled 21 points with a Samba.


I see Paige and Wanya as the leaders, with the deaf guy a real possibility to pull this off.

Ginger Zee will rise to the top as well.

It’s a mystery, it’s funny, it’s colorful, there’s music, great animation….a top notch Disney movie. Click in to see why


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