“Love You to Death” by Megan Norris

This is a story of one of the more interesting true crimes ever but the author fails to deliver the goods.

I was so mad when I finished this book I cursed.

New Picture (11)

Here the author had a great story and I flipped over page after page as the author told the story TWICE!

Vicky Soteriou was having a weird affair with Ari Dimitrakis. Weird because, some on, Vicky was a beautiful woman blessed with a teenage daughter and twin babies. Vicky was married to Chris Soteriou, a man too damn good to be true, more on this later.

On the night of Chris’ birthday Vicky handed Dimitrakis a kitchen knife and instructed to stab her husband to death as they walked to their car after a night on the town. Vicky drove the car to her husband’s birthday bash and made sure to park it in a dark, out-of-the-way spot.

Good old Dimitrakis did the deed, stabbing Chris Soteriou numerous times, horrifically, first slicing his neck then repeatedly stabbing the rest of his body.

As the author tells the story, goodness this Chris guy is absolutely perfect. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, he gives his wife thousands in weekly spending money, he helps mind the children even with a high-pressure, traveling job.

This reader is pretty sure that Chris Soteriou was telling her this story.

Ann Rule, yeah HER again, would have held my rapt True crime aficionado attention for hours. All this author did was tell the story of the crime early into the book then spent the rest of the book telling us the details.

From the beginning the readers knows that Chris Soteriou was enjoying a surprise birthday party, then was mugged when he and his wife came upon someone hiding behind his car.

Within a few chapters we then learn that Vicky Soteriou turned herself into the police within a few days of the murder because despite the brutality of the attack, Chris had the audacity to live.

The author did a fairly good job of describing Chris’ reaction and despair upon his discovery of her wife’s intent to murder him. And all for the love of a loser-burger who couldn’t even support HIS family.

I wanted to know so much more!

I wanted to know about Vicky! What on earth was she thinking? Where did she come from, what was her past?

And Marie! Marie was the Soteriou’s teenage daughter. As of the end of the book she was still not talking to her father! Dear Lord her mother had the man brutally stabbed and the reader never figures out why the hell she’s so mad at HIM!

I suggest yon reader don’t spend your time on this book. IT’s the tale of a crime and for those interested in court trials and compiling evidence it’s worth a quick read.

But this true crime, with such a huge human interest element, fails to bring the intrigue it could have with such intriguing characters.


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