“Sandy Shorts” by Nancy Sherman, a great compilation of chick lit stories and the author can sing too!

Sandy Shorts” by Nancy Powichroski Sherman


Nothing stands in the way of revenge, romance, and rediscovery for the women in these stories, who make the most of second chances.  Whether coming to terms with lost love, or facing real and imagined demons on an amusement park ride, these women do what it takes to survive…and then some.  Stick with them through sunny days, shifting sands, stormy skies, and starry nights as they learn about life and love at the beach.

Let us get all of my personal prejudices out of the way here before I go into the many reasons why I love, love, love this book.

And I have one big word of advice for the author and know now that I do KNOW the author, personal prejudice one now stated.

Nancy Powichroski Sherman is in my church choir. So I am now reviewing a book by an author that I personally know, who has, indeed, been a guest in my house. She sings very well too.

Now personal prejudice number two, this book has the best TITLE ….EVER!

New Picture (19)

It is a compilation of short stories by Sherman and personal prejudice number three, I LOVE CHICK LIT!

Make no mistake the book is filled with stories of chick lit and this is a favored genre of mine.

So take the clever title (short stories….sandy beaches….get it?), the fact that the locale of the stories is in mine own neighborhood surround and this is NOT a personal prejudice….NANCY WRITES VERY WELL!

Yon readers know that THIS writer….well I can conjugate a verb with a noun as well as anybody. IE I think I’m a tough judge. While I probably wouldn’t write bad things about Nancy’s writing, I’d likely not be praising her art of story telling with concise and clear words to the high heavens.

We begin with a story on the Lewes Ferry….a reallygreat story about dogs, mistaken identities and perhaps a true love. We move on to nail-biting tales of lost little boys, a cougar woman considering an extra-marital affair through best friends forever choosing a man between two choices.

Every story, not only well-written, has a clever plot that Sherman leads the reader through to, perhaps not a happy ending, but mostly a satisfactory one. Lovers of chick lit understand this.

I can’t imagine a better book to read while lolling on a Delaware beach. Short stories are all the rage now and as a short story writer myself, it’s not the easiest genre in the world to effectively develop, from capturing the reader’s intrigue on to an ending that will please.

My advice to Sherman….get rid of that long middle name. I know, I know it’s her maiden name, I’ve no doubt. But writers need short names, better to autograph books with.

Beyond that girl, I suggest chick lit lovers pick up this book and I use Nancy Sherman to keep on writing.

She’s got abundant talent.


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