The Tokyo Steak House and Sushi Bar in Lewes Delaware-open your mouth wide and receive your dinner.

The Tokyo Steak House and Sushi Bar

This restaurant is located at 17906 Coastal Hwy in Lewes De.

I’d passed this restaurant many times as it’s right on the way to everything on Route 1.

The one major impression I had of this place is that I didn’t think it was even open. Understand that my travels down that area are mostly in the daytime so an empty parking lot is not unusual that time of day.

So my daughter and son-in-law came upon some money and they offered to take both me and Kaitlyn’s second favorite grandmother to the Tokyo Steak house and I was skeptical.

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I know this sort of place does some kind of theatrical thing to prepare dinners. Folks sit around a hibachi grill and the chef prepares the meal.

Only the chef, in these sorts of places, is a bit of a showman.

The cost of a meal is calculated kind of oddly. When I went it was $23 for a steak meal cooked up on the hibachi grill. For a meal of steak AND shrimp the cost was $22.

The logic, as son-in-law explained and I’m not sure he’s right but it makes sense, is that shrimp is cheaper than steak so less steak and more shrimp makes the price go down. Correspondingly, add chicken to the mix and the cost drops further.

The meal as served is plentiful and very good. First comes a soup, a brothy affair, full-bodied with a few scallions. It wasn’t the sort of soup one would fill up on but it was a nice meal beginning.

The fried rice was delicious and, since it is a starch and quite filling, is served in plentiful piles after frying upon the hibachi grill.

The Chef then fries the steak, then the shrimp and plates are filled, eaten and re-filled.

All uneaten food can be taken home and what a nice lunch it makes the following day!

After all this the Chef begins the show. The show involves tossing shrimp directly into the mouths of people sitting around the hibachi grill. The customer must open mouth wide and with a flip of the spatula, boom, the shrimp flies from grill to mouth BUT….it doesn’t always land in the mouth.

I absolutely refused to participate in this though I quite enjoyed watching others make fools of themselves. Catching food with my mouth is NOT something I desired to do. My various dogs in my lifetime loved this activity but not for me.

I would recommend this place to anyone and note that it IS in the Lewes/Rehoboth Beach tourist area.

The Tokyo Steak and Sushi bar is a great vacation adventure.


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