Why No Lewinsky In Election Against Hillary

Suppose you were a fly on the wall when political discussions were taking place and the TRUTH was being told.

No fear of bugs in these sessions, the electronics have been swept and removed if necessary.

Except that bug the fly, which has the ability to Blog, intriguingly

New Picture11111

It wasn’t easy getting into Hillary Clinton’s office dear Lord but she is a former First Lady and Secretary of State. Though I’m only a freaking fly for God’s sake somehow with all that anti-bugging crap they got somebody had a fly swatter and spent twenty minutes trying to chase me down.

I finally found a quiet spot in the corner and via a special twist of my multi-lensed right eye was able to see who was in the room.

There was Mrs. Clinton’s personal secretary, a big burly guy who goes everywhere with Hillary. I think he’s really a body guard but there is also a Secret Service agent contingent assigned to Hillary so I’m not sure.

Sitting on a love seat in front of the window were the Chairman of the National Republican Party, Preibus I think his name is. Next to Preibus was Mitt Romney who I am to understand was the most recent candidate for President for the Republican party.

Sitting in front of Hillary’s desk was none other than Bill Clinton himself. Even I, a lowly fly, recognized a former American President for goodness sake.

The room was given a quick lookover by the SS agents and Hillary entered. The door was closed softly and firmly behind.

“I want you people to forget any idea you might have about bringing up the Lewinsky scandal during the 2016 election.”

With those words, spoken firmly and flatly, Hillary took her seat, picked up a prepared cup of coffee from her desk and leaned back in her chair to await a response.

The Priebus guy was first to react, shaking his head in surprise then uttering an unidentifiable  sound . Romney sat up straighter with an intent to also protest but Priebus held out his arm to hush Romney for the moment.

“Funny,” Priebus said, a hint of amusement in his voice. “I thought you just said we were not to use a very public and widely known incident in American history as part of the upcoming campaign rhetoric.” Romney leaned forward as if to add something but Priebus held out his arm to stop again.

Hillary leaned forward, took a sip of coffee, sat for a few seconds, then leaned forward a bit more. “That’s exactly what I said and by the time I explain why you will agree to this you will….well that’s exactly what you will do. You will agree to this.”

Bill stole a quick glance with Hillary that communicated approval. That’s just from my fly-on-the-wall point of view please understand and know that I am a fly which is a bug and not prone to noticing such human nuance. But I’ve been doing this sort of surveillance for a long time and still my greatest enemy is the fly swatter.

“I am okay with a fair campaign, with acknowledging my issues as Secretary of State. I will not sit still for having Lewinsky dredged up again during a political campaign. And I know I can’t stop you….legally….”.

With that Hillary paused while Romney and Priebus looked at each other with puzzlement.

Hillary went back and sat down. Then her secretary took the proverbial podium.

“We have data on so many congress people, BOTH parties. We’re here to tell you that we’ll going to throw it all out there if this Lewinsky thing is made a big issue.”

Bill Clinton cleared his throat and deference was given. “Lewinsky was my crime, not Hillary’s. She doesn’t deserve to have to battle someone else’s crime. So we promise that we will level the playing field if we have to.”

Bill leaned back. The room remained silent as he pondered his next words. Bill then leaned forward in a conspiratorial manner. Automatically everyone leaned forward, even if just a fraction.

Hillary’s secretary cleared his throat to take over. Before he could speak again, Mitt Romney interceded: “First of all,” he said, “the question here is lying under oath and both of you know it.” Bill began to speak but Mitt held up his hand to stop all sound. “Second, why do you want me?”

Hillary’s secretary cleared his throat and began to summarize.

“Mitt, you were the last Republican candidate and there’s rumors you might run again. If you do NOT run again you will surely have a lot of influence on the tone of the debate. You and Reince are the perfect ones to bring in on this. We want to keep this small and tidy and if you hear us out we’ll make our case.”

Everyone leaned back into the chair to await the case to be made.

“Your Senate Minority leader,” Hillary’s secretary said, pointing to Priebus and Romney. “We have actual videos of him in bed with a certain Democrat Senator’s daughter….it’s not pretty.”

Priebus and Romney looked at each other in surprise. As far as they knew the Minority Leader was quiet and very faithful to his wife of over 50 years.

“You know that your Speaker has some real problems with the booze. We’ve got a video of him stumbling around….about 50 seconds or so but it’s brutal, would make a hell of a sight bite for the 6pm Fox news.”

Again Romney and Priebus looked at each other, this time their gaze softened. They knew about Speaker’s drinking problem, of course. But for years now the GOP has managed to keep any video or cameras away. I know this because I was once a fly on the wall when some concerned reps in the House came and told Priebus and other high party officials about the problem. I don’t doubt that either Reince or Mitt doubted the Clintons had this damning video of the House Speaker.

To everyone’s surprise Bill began to speak. “We’re even willing to turn over our problem guy from New Jersey if we have to,” and with this even I almost jumped a foot. Not that anyone would notice a jumping fly more than likely but you never know. It was just that everyone, every Democrat and every Republican, was in a weird position of protecting that pervert from New Jersey who so loved the sweet young things he purchased overseas. Not that everyone, or even anyone, LIKED that guy, but he’d somehow avoided detection for so many years that absolutely everyone of any import within the Democrat or Republican establishment had been involved with him in some way.

As if reading my mind, Bill said: “You know everyone is vulnerable with this guy,” he said what I’d already thought, smart fly am I. “If it ever gets out that any one of us knew what he was doing on those trips to the Dominican Republic, we’re all going down like dominoes.”

Neither Reince or Mitt said anything. All the politicians feared revelation of this creep. Let one Governor show up in a video campaigning for the pervert…THAT Governor will look bad. And that Governor’s not going down alone. He will tell about the Senator who served on the committees with him, who sometimes went to the Dominican Republic WITH him.

Soon it will be everyone pointing fingers at everyone else. The American public will get so disgusted that they will vote everyone out. All these guys knew they never should have let this go on all these years and everyone feared any kind of national revelation.

And so the conversation ended that day. There were exchanged a few pleasantries, tea was shared, gossip discussed.

I have transcribed the discussion I heard that day, above, and as official fly-on-the-wall.

Now you know why the Lewinsky matter will not be discussed or part of any campaign issue by either party.

Cause Hillary Clinton’s not going down alone.


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