Applebee’s….A Pleasant Surprise Despite the Nasty Reviews

I hasten to add that the nasty review of Applebee’s came from my own beloved husband who hated everything except steak, fried chicken and roast beef.

I’d never been to Applebee’s when my husband made the pronouncement that Applebee’s was one of the worst restaurants on the planet.

After a recent dining experience I can’t find anything less true.

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It was my daughter who phoned me up with an offer to go to Applebee’s along with her husband and my granddaughter. I warned her about Billy’s dire proclamation regarding Applebee’s food but daughter laughed.

Of course I’d heard about this restaurant’s vaunted “2 for $20” but I made up my mind not to order such a thing, that perhaps it was this cheap offering that so offended my husband, the restaurant critic.

“Look over the ‘2 for $20 meals and let us know if you like one,” my son-in-law told me as soon as I was seated. Seems the plan was for us to order TWO “2 for $20” meals.

It got complicated to place the order. The 2 for $20 meals have odd offerings, like TWO salads OR ONE appetizer. Somehow we managed to get enough salads ordered to please all at the table. Some of us were salad eaters, NOT including granddaughter, and we decided on an appetizer to split.

Then we got down to the meal and we had to order how our steak should be prepped, what sides we wanted and the sauce zest we wanted with our spicy offerings.

I had a headache after all that.

I order a small pile of ribs. It’s important to understand that Applebee’s does something clever on that 2 for $20 menu. For but a few more bucks you can get extra meat.


New Picture (3)Like for $3 more dollars I can get a “full” slab of ribs. This is a picture of me sitting behind my ribs. As one can see, without the extra money I still got quite a plate full of meat. Same thing with the steak. For an extra few bucks one got a bigger steak, an offer we also eschewed. Granddaughter got plenty of steak and I had enough meat to take some home.

Son-in-law ordered “boneless chicken wings” and come on, right there you gotta smile. There’s no such thing as “boneless” wings; they are what McDonald’s calls nuggets and nothing less.

Yet they were amazingly good. And the portions were very generous. The chicken meat was the McNugget stuff but they were fried to a nice crunchy coat and the meat was not tough but juicy and tender. I also got to take home a bunch of these.

The salads, which ended up a Caesar for me with son-in-law and daughter splitting one, was big and …well I’ve tasted better in my life but not at the price offered at Applebee’s.

My side was french fries and even this was a surprise. For it is with french fries that a food chain could cheat yet the fries both me and granddaughter had were of the thick “Boardwalk” variety. Various people at our table got other vegetable sides…somebody got cole slaw and somebody got broccoli.

All this food, including generous portions of meat, for $40? And it all was good! I took home a small slab of ribs and some french fries for the pup. Daughter took home some of her steak. I made a meal out of the little rib slab, adding some buttered ramen noodles and a bagel, for a later meal. Both daughter and granddaughter had some steak later and yet another day I heated up about five of the boneless chicken wings and had a nice snack.

Come on…..we’re going on to over six meals from this 2 for $20 and again, the food was very good. I give the quality of the food a solid B+ no matter what its price. For doing it so inexpensively, Applebee’s gets an A-.

No matter what Billy said.


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