“The Light Between Oceans”-a Book That Will Tear Your Heart Out

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Great writing, great story, great book.

This book is one of the reasons I belong to a book club.

My book club is but a loose collection of ordinary individuals, and I say that with the greatest of affection, who love to read books.

I’d never have pulled this book down from the shelf , not ever, not at the age I am now.

Oh I’ve read plenty of fiction in my life but sometime in my fifties I’d decided I had enough, that practicality demands I spend my little time available for reading on non-fiction.
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Fiction, I decided, was a waste of time.

This wonderful book by M.L. Stedman taught me otherwise.

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I was brought into this story right from the start even though I was skeptical about a fiction book I could not stop reading.

The writing is excellent. This is a book that brings back to me an old-fashioned notion. The movie is never quite as good as the book.

Which is no longer really true in that the movie is taken from narrative and adjectives to rock ’em sock ’em action that was never in the book.

This book is a story about decent men and women living in a small village on the coast of Australia. It is as spectacular a love story as one could be with two rather ordinary people at the center.

It’s about the enormous love between a parent and child. It’s about good people having to sometimes do bad things and it’s a story about life as millions of us live it every day without such a wonderful author to document it.

It would really make a lousy motion picture.

But let me not discourage producers who see this wonderful love story as perfect for the big screen. I’d think they’d have to change the Sherbournes to jet skiers who murdered Lucy-Grace’s father. Hannah would be a real mother looking more for money than her natural child.

Okay, I’m done.

Get a hot chocolate, some Kleenex, a comfy chair and read this book.

This book is definitely one of my top ten fiction books I’ve ever read in my life though it’s been so long with the fiction and me “The Cat and the Hat” might be right up there.

PS- This book has a happy AND a sad ending, somehow the author pulled this off.

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